Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic

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The year 2020 rocked the foundation of humanity and sent shockwaves through 2021 like ripples across still waters. The frightening reality is that there is no way to predict what seismic effects will occur in the days ahead. Reality reminds us that we live in a time of crisis and face many challenges. The volcanic years of 2020 and 2021 were an awakening to pervasive social injustice, systemic inequality, and a heightened awareness of deficiencies in our most sacred institutions. These issues are not unique to any one part of the global community, instead they are universal and common.

The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 have made visible what, for so long, has been hidden in plain sight. Sadly, many people have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to these issues because of willful stubbornness, complicit silence, or the frustration and exhaustion from struggling to fix something that is broken. Broken, but deemed acceptable by many because of their inability to change it or because they benefit from privilege.

However, visible in the ashes of these eruptive years, although not clearly seen by all, were lessons. Hindsight: Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic provides practical lessons gleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it continues, these lessons transcend the pandemic. Applying them can shatter conventional thinking, break the limits of normal, and create a new narrative for how we can live in harmony as citizens of a global community. A narrative that leads to a better future. One where collaboratively overcoming our challenges provides the opportunity for us to live up to the promise of humanity – to create and aspire to an ideal greater than ourselves. An ideal that deepens our solidarity, elevates our sense of community, and creates a worthy legacy to bequeath to a global community’s future generations. Whether or not that promise is realized, is in our hands.

Indeed, 2020 and 2021 have revealed that humanity is at an inflection point and there are many important questions we must answer: How will we all be remembered? What does the moment demand of us? What are we called to do? The current state of affairs creates enormous opportunity for all of us to act, to do the necessary work, and to set aside differences that so easily beset our collective progress.

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