Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic

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The year 2020 rocked the foundation of humanity and sent shockwaves through 2021 like ripples across still waters. The frightening reality is that there is no way to predict what seismic effects will occur in the days ahead. Reality reminds us that we live in a time of crisis and face many challenges. The volcanic years of 2020 and 2021 were an awakening to pervasive social injustice, systemic inequality, and a heightened awareness of deficiencies in our most sacred institutions. These issues are not unique to any one part of the global community, instead they are universal and common.

The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 have made visible what, for so long, has been hidden in plain sight. Sadly, many people have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to these issues because of willful stubbornness, complicit silence, or the frustration and exhaustion from struggling to fix something that is broken. Broken, but deemed acceptable by many because of their inability to change it or because they benefit from privilege.

However, visible in the ashes of these eruptive years, although not clearly seen by all, were lessons. Hindsight: Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic provides practical lessons gleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it continues, these lessons transcend the pandemic. Applying them can shatter conventional thinking, break the limits of normal, and create a new narrative for how we can live in harmony as citizens of a global community. A narrative that leads to a better future. One where collaboratively overcoming our challenges provides the opportunity for us to live up to the promise of humanity – to create and aspire to an ideal greater than ourselves. An ideal that deepens our solidarity, elevates our sense of community, and creates a worthy legacy to bequeath to a global community’s future generations. Whether or not that promise is realized, is in our hands.

Indeed, 2020 and 2021 have revealed that humanity is at an inflection point and there are many important questions we must answer: How will we all be remembered? What does the moment demand of us? What are we called to do? The current state of affairs creates enormous opportunity for all of us to act, to do the necessary work, and to set aside differences that so easily beset our collective progress.


  1. Diana Del Pilar, M.Ed., MPNLP, MPMER

    In his latest work, “Hindsight Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic,” Russell unveils ten lessons that all human beings can grow from, that if understood and applied by more and more people, will move us all toward a better future for everyone. The principles are expressed with simplicity, and yet are richly dense and potent. They can instruct, admonish, or affirm the reader’s own leadership beliefs and behaviors from the past two years. Ultimately, Russell is narrating a clear path to healing the world, and by default revealing how we will be the cause for any future global crisis to yield catastrophic results.

  2. Ellen I Goldberg

    Millions of lives were impacted by the Coronavirus. Whether a victim, survivor, or family member, everyone was affected in some way. “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic,” written by Russell Richard, offers a view of what we’ve learned and how to proceed in the future. The author proposes solutions, such as collaboration, new types of leadership, and unity to get us through global crises requiring different ways of solving problems that will inevitably come to pass. Will we be prepared? This book reassures us that there is hope.

  3. Chris McCarthy

    “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic” looks at a negative global event, yet focuses on the positive by offering ten insightful, encouraging, and relevant lessons, reminding us all of our oneness. Hindsight is a short yet important and inspiring book which provides powerful perspectives, and I applaud Russell Richard on another success.

  4. Ariana Smetana

    Russell writes with such eloquence about difficult times and dramatic global changes through COVID years. It depicts the events and outlines key insights that we should all pause for to examine closer the impact and work on creating a better future post these events. This hardship have also opened doors for introspection and gave us all a different vantage points that we should take forward to lead with renewed integrity and compassion. Thank you, Russell for compiling the lessons into a wonderful book.

  5. Mark Brown

    Russell’s latest book, “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic,” is the product of a deeply thoughtful, erudite mind. His grasp of the issues, consequences, and potentialities pushed my own thinking and led me to several new important realizations. This book is consequential, but more than that, Russell’s voice needs to be heard.

  6. William Peel

    Though titled “Hindsight,” Russell Richard has blessed his readers with compelling and compassionate foresight. His writings contemplate a ‘future where we live in harmony as citizens of the human family in a global community.’ The book is filled with bold ideas and inspiration for a future built on courage, conviction, collaboration and community. As in Russell’s prior works it takes several readings to fully marinate in the depth of his thinking. He portrays a new reality founded in unity. It is a world that requires a form of inclusive leadership that honors diversity and abhors division. Russell’s poetic writing reminds me of Ta-Nehisi Coates or Maya Angelou. His social voice is provocative and piercing. I always think differently after reading Russell’s work and look forward to being further challenged by his impactful writing.

  7. Gil Staley

    Once again, Russell Richard, is on-target with this thought provoking read. Certainly, the COVID-19 Pandemic was the most impactful to humankind in my lifetime. I especially favored his view toward the idea of global cooperation and unity going forward. Well written, Russell!

  8. Daniel Snare

    Russell Richard has taken the opportunity of our shared experiences through the COVID-19 pandemic to rephrase and reexamine some key questions about who we are as human beings, who we might aspire to be and what leaders need to understand and embrace to help us live into those aspirations and collectively create a better future.

    He uses the immense disruption of the past two plus years as a lens to frame his reflections and invites readers to consider how quickly and profoundly the pandemic changed all of our lives and the ways in which we might all think about our interconnectedness, interdependence, and responsibility to one another in this world that we all share.

    What strikes me about this framework is how it challenges our perspectives around believing that change is hugely difficult and exasperatingly slow. Through the book, Richard, shares ten lessons that we can take from the pandemic and into the fundamentally new reality that is emerging. They are timeless in many respects yet reimagined in the context of this unique moment. He presents these lessons in clear, concise, and extremely accessible language making it both easy and inviting for readers to explore each one for themselves. His simple but powerful approach offers worthwhile insights for both novice and seasoned leaders as well as those who simply seek to better understand what we should all expect from our leaders going forward.

    I applaud Richard for recognizing the opportunity that COVID-19 has presented to potentially be a turning point in how we view leadership and what we can and should expect from leaders and ourselves.

  9. Irma Diaz Gonzalez

    Many of us waited with great anticipation for the year 2020 as a new decade of continued progress and possibilities of the world we knew. Instead, that world was turned sideways and upside down, rocked with political upheaval here in the U.S. and around the world. It is fair to say that no one has escaped the effects of the pandemic, from illness from a contagious virus we knew little about to social unrest, a heightened awareness of deficiencies in our most trusted institutions and a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety amongst individuals, families, and businesses. A timely book, Russell Richard reflects on the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic. The themes you will find throughout are the importance of leadership, community, collaboration, connectedness and finding solutions, together.

  10. Leila Perrin

    Russell Richard has hit it out of the ballpark with “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic”. His insightful and thought-provoking analysis of the pandemic and its effect on both our community and individual psyches will allow you to see the positive benefits this insidious disease has had on humanity. His ‘lessons learned’ focus more on the commonality of our society, despite our individualism, and emphasize man’s ability to come together in times of crises and fear of the unknown. The concept of ‘we’re all in this together’ permeates throughout the book, with a positive outlook as we look towards the future. Thank you, Russell, for giving us a well-written book on the pandemic that we can ruminate on for years to come.

  11. Donna Price

    “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic,” by Russell Richard is a thought-provoking look back on the past two tumultuous years. Richard gleans gems, some obvious, some not, from what we could have/should have learned during this time. Most of us, going on with our lives in the midst of change and often tragedy, don’t have the emotional energy to reflect on what we’ve just been through. Richard takes the hard work out of it and does this for us. His book is easy to pick up and read in 10 short, condensed lessons that help make sense of recent events. There is hope in these pages. Hope that, with all that has happened, the ability is within each of us to make our world a better place. “Hindsight” is well worth the short amount of time it takes to read.

  12. Mercedes S.

    What a great read! This is a common sense book, short and sweet, yet brimming with intelligent observations and useful advice for us as a society. The author has taken the time that many of us don’t have – to analyze the various dynamics that emerged during this recent pandemic and to condense them all into clear and concise lessons to learn from. It’s up to us and anyone else in any sort of leadership position to take them and use them to ensure better outcomes the next time another life-altering challenge comes along.

  13. Nory Angel

    Russell taps into the disconnect and angst created by COVID-19 and a global pandemic. He helps us zoom out, gain better perspective, and identify what is precious and needs to be released in a ‘new reality.’ Russell helps us better understand our world so that we can better understand ourselves. Thank you to the author for taking his own experience during the pandemic and using it to help others.

  14. Dr. Melanie Johnson

    The author, Russell Richard, boldly and poignantly translates the varied socio-economic underbelly that arrived from the COVID-19 pandemic. He brilliantly casts out doubts surrounding cultural ‘norms’ that are designed to abandon part of our union in response to the aspirations of others. Hindsight not only illuminates the dark shadows nestled in the pandemic era, but it also highlights newfound energy for a united society – one that held its children and families closer than ever, employees who opted to have more meaningful careers and ultimately, entire nations became even more globally interdependent in resolving supply chain issues.

    Hindsight offers incredibly thoughtful suggestions to build back our nation and global economy even better than before, escalating high above our once-perceived notion of ‘normal.’ This book is truly timely and a ‘must-read’ for all.

  15. Michael Conteh

    I enjoyed reading “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic.” COVID-19 will forever change society and Richard does an excellent job of useful ways we can improve as a society. Inequality is a growling problem and a simple zip code can determine so much of your future prospects. I like how Richard talks about how the world is interconnected and it will take a global initiative to help society improve. I recommend this book to others and very insightful knowledge coming from the author.

  16. Shawn H. Robinson, Sr.

    If there is a message that each of us can embrace from the past two and a half years, it is that the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed all of our lives in some form and the course of our lives shall be changed forever. Russell Richard’s “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic” provides an intriguing perspective into many of the issues that we face in our society as a result of the affects of COVID-19. Each of us has been adversely affected by COVID-19 in some form or we know someone who has been affected by COVID-19. As Citizens of our society, not only are there challenges associated with constructing our personal lives to combat the pandemic, but Russell offers that, as citizens, we have a responsibility to become more efficient individually and to work in concert with one another in order to effectuate a better life within our ‘new normal.’ Admittedly, I enjoyed the entire book! Yet, I discovered a partiality to Lesson Five: The World is Interconnected and Interdependent. It is within this chapter that Russell poignantly elicits thought-provoking ideas concerning the ability to rely on the strengths of our diversity as a means of depending on one another to achieve both individual and societal growth.
    “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic” should be required reading in many of our schools and in our governmental agencies!
    Thank you, Russell, for offering such rich and impactful ideas to bring about positive change in our community!!!

  17. Katherine R.

    SUCCESS REQUIRES COURAGE, Lesson Eight, NOT chapter Eight, is where I find myself every time I pick up this book! In this continued global pandemic likened unto a World War, I found myself with a weakening self belief system as I fought daily in this declining American health care system. Yet this Lesson, lesson 8 reminded me that it would take a more defined courage and a willingness to shift my own personal attitude towards this so called War. The book in its entirety is superb and well written but it’s still lesson 8 for me. I even believe that my recent promotion was hinged upon the very components I rediscovered in my reading! Congratulations Russell Richard for the courage to take us further in thought into our current world view.

  18. Isabelle Perreau

    I just finished reading “Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic” and I would like to share my admiration for such a useful book!
    This work is a priceless tool, for us to understand the great impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had—and continues to have—on our life, at several levels. It can help us to turn a very sad international experience, into a powerful instrument of change, hopefully for a better Humanity.
    Apart from a very intelligent content, the book is well written and its format is practical.
    And finally, I have to add that the book’s cover is beautiful, which makes it a nice object to show on our coffee table!
    Congratulations Russell Richard!

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