“Russell’s poetic writing reminds me of Ta-Nehisi Coates or Maya Angelou. His social voice is provocative and piercing. I always think differently after reading Russell’s work and look forward to being further challenged by his impactful writing.”

- William Peel

“Russell Richard has hit it out of the ballpark with Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic. His ‘lessons learned’ focus more on the commonality of our society, despite our individualism, and emphasize man’s ability to come together in times of crises and fear of the unknown.”

- Leila Perrin

“The author, Russell Richard, boldly and poignantly translates the varied socio-economic underbelly that arrived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hindsight not only illuminates the dark shadows nestled in the pandemic era, but it also highlights newfound energy for a united society.”

- Melanie Johnson

“Russell poignantly elicits thought-provoking ideas concerning the ability to rely on the strengths of our diversity as a means of depending on one another to achieve both individual and societal growth. Hindsight: Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic should be required reading in many of our schools and in our governmental agencies!”

- Shawn H. Robinson, Sr.

Beyond Words is a unique book, different than anything you have read before! Its original combination of images and words sumptuously expresses deep thoughts. It needs to be ‘visited’ little by little, ruminated—as Nietzsche would advise—in order to grasp its substance. It is about the different dimensions of the human being and the metaphysical question of existence.”

- Isabelle Perreau

“Love at first sight, love at first read. Beyond Words: An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration and Poetry is a thought provoking, inspirational, and meditative book.”

- Irma Diaz Gonzalez

Beyond Words will captivate and expand your mind with what I call ‘channeled truths.’ Its subtle poetic rhythm is like music whose purpose is to stir your spirit. I truly believe that all readers of this book will feel hope and be inspired to expand their conceptualization of the subjects brought to life in the book. Well done, Russell.”

- Dian Del Pilar

“Philosophical, inspirational, and poetic—your coffee table needs this book, Beyond Words! Russell thank you for bringing life to many of our secret thoughts and feelings in such a crucial time. Simply brilliant.”

- Katherine R.

“Mr. Richard blew me away with this wonderful piece. It STILL feels like he painted art directly into my mind. I honestly wish I could frame every page! The words that best describe Beyond Words: Astonishing! Breathtaking! BRILLIANT! Comforting! Passionate! Meaningful! Phenomenal! Personal! Resourceful! Intuitive! Sophisticated! Truthful! Motivating! Thought–provoking! I’m a fan!”

- Derrick Jackson

“Russell Richard writes poignantly and powerfully, giving the reader ample opportunity to reflect and ponder. When you do, you’ll encounter memorable quotes, thoughtful poetic exploration, one man’s philosophy, and without question, this book will cause you to engage with your own. Enjoy. Wallow. Engage.”

- Lisa Darling

Beyond Words reflects the inspiring nature of its author, and I found the combination of the text and images comforting, especially in times of stress. Thank you, Russell!”

- Mark Poag

“Russell writes with such eloquence about difficult times and dramatic global changes through COVID years. It depicts the events and outlines key insights that we should all pause for to examine closer the impact and work on creating a better future post these events. Thank you, Russell for compiling the lessons into a wonderful book.”

- Ariana Smetana

“Russell’s latest book, Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic, is the product of a deeply thoughtful, erudite mind. His grasp of the issues, consequences, and potentialities pushed my own thinking and led me to several new important realizations. This book is consequential, but more than that, Russell’s voice needs to be heard.”

- Mark Brown

“I applaud Richard for recognizing the opportunity that COVID-19 has presented to potentially be a turning point in how we view leadership and what we can and should expect from leaders and ourselves. His simple but powerful approach offers worthwhile insights for both novice and seasoned leaders as well as those who simply seek to better understand what we should all expect from our leaders going forward.”

- Daniel Snare

Hindsight: Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic, by Russell Richard, is a thought-provoking look back on the past two tumultuous years. Richard gleans gems, some obvious, some not, from what we could have/should have learned during this time. There is hope in these pages. Hope that, with all that has happened, the ability is within each of us to make our world a better place.”

- Donna Price

“Russell taps into the disconnect and angst created by COVID-19 and a global pandemic. He helps us zoom out, gain better perspective, and identify what is precious and needs to be released in a new reality. Russell helps us better understand our world so that we can better understand ourselves. Thank you to the author for taking his own experience during the pandemic and using it to help others.”

- Nory Angel


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Thought Leader | Public Speaker | Author

Thought Leader | Public Speaker | Author