Beyond Words

An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration, and Poetry

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Inspired by the unprecedented events of 2020, Beyond Words: An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration and Poetry brings to life a mosaic of thoughts and perspectives about subjects and emotions born of human experience and illuminated by a year gripped by wonderment and uncertainty.

The year was possibly the most tumultuous year in modern history. It challenged the fortitude of humanity; stretched the fabric of society; and stress-tested governments and institutions worldwide. Through seemingly endless, exhausting news cycles, the world was force-fed a daily diet of crises: a global pandemic, world economic stress, political upheaval across the globe, racial injustice and inequality, public health disparities, wildfires and other global disasters, unemployment, homelessness, food insecurity, devastating hurricanes and flooding, United States Presidential Election and the discovery of a COVID-19 vaccine.

This book’s perspective about subjects predisposed by the events of 2020 showcase myriad of suggestions relating to life, hope, the future and other subjects. Although these subjects have been contemplated by cultures throughout history, the events of 2020 magnified them through pervasive technology and greater awareness about the subjects and their influence on how humanity thinks and lives.

The book uses philosophy, inspiration and poetry to narrate nonfictional themes that inspire thought about personal beliefs and create the opportunity to consider ideas that go beyond conventional and superficial points of view.

As you gaze into the window of emotions surrounding these thoughts, you may see reflections of your own emotions. It may prompt an examination of your own beliefs and inspire how you can best navigate an uncertain future.


  1. Lisa Darling

    I did not read Beyond Words by Russell Richard. I couldn’t.
    The themes – ranging from hope to silence, finesse to purpose, knowledge to nature – are among the most compelling and interesting.
    But this book is no cover to cover read. Instead, it was a deep dive, a real perusal, of one theme at a time for me. And I loved each one.
    Russell Richard writes poignantly and powerfully, giving the reader ample opportunity to reflect and ponder. Rather than read it cover to cover, I recommend you enjoy it as I did and do – one section at a time in those moments when one is open to reflection and thinking, uplift and challenge.
    When you do, you’ll encounter memorable quotes, thoughtful poetic exploration, one man’s philosophy, and without question, this book will cause you to engage with your own. Enjoy. Wallow. Engage. I didn’t read it, but I did all of these things and more.

  2. David Staas

    Russell’s words are poetic, uplifting, and expressive. I’m so glad he was able to capture his thoughts and share them in this format. Each passage eloquently captures a topic that touches our common humanity. In these times, we all can benefit from reading more books like this – reflective and thought provoking.

  3. Katherine R.

    Philosophical, Inspirational, and Poetic, your coffee table needs this book, Beyond Words!
    Russell thank you for bringing life to many of our secret thoughts and feelings in such a crucial time. Simply Brilliant.

  4. Armani Ghrissi

    A book that takes you on a journey like no other. Unique concepts and wonderful usage of words!

  5. Diana Del Pilar

    Beyond Words will captivate and expand your mind with what I call “channeled truths”. Its subtle poetic rhythm is like music whose purpose is to stir your spirit. Russell, has taken some of the most poignant subjects that made headlines and impacted our lives in 2020, and lifted themes that emerged from this shared global experience. Beyond Words beautifully personifies words such as Future, Hope, Justice, Death, Persevere, Knowledge, and Nature. Each word speaks to the reader with revelation. My favorite poem in the collection is The Speaker, and I truly believe that all readers of this book will feel hope and be inspired to expand their conceptualization of the subjects brought to life in the book. Well done Russell.

  6. Susan

    Beyond Words is a truly inspirational and thought-provoking work of art. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking solace.

  7. Anonymous

    Honorable Carol Mims Galloway,
    Finish reading the book. I really enjoyed. It has meaning and purpose. Your thoughts on each topic were brilliant!
    It sequences of life journey is most inspiring! Thanks for sharing your vision so elegant!!
    “Your book overall rating is superb and well worth reading”!💘

  8. Mark Poag

    “Beyond Words” reflects the inspiring nature of its author, and I found the combination of the text and images comforting, especially in times of stress. Thank you, Russell!

  9. Dr. Melanie Johnson

    This illustrious book is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. How inspirational you are to journey through life with such depth of perspective. Love it!


    Brilliant Russell I have certainly been helped. This book provoked me to do an analysis of each section after reading. I have been helped spiritually, my thought process magnified and enlightened. This book is BEYOND WORDS. May GOD bless you Russell. Inequality Speaks and Sisters are my favorites passages I will purchase plaques.

  11. Gil Staley

    A fantastic and thought provoking book! As a table book, I have noticed my guests will pick it for a quick read, thus ensuring an interesting conversation.

  12. Chris McCarthy

    Russell, combining philosophical ideas, words of inspiration, and poetry — what an awesome and original concept for a book!

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