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Inspired by the unprecedented events of 2020, Beyond Words: An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration and Poetry brings to life a mosaic of thoughts and perspectives about subjects and emotions born of human experience and illuminated by a year gripped by wonderment and uncertainty.

The year was possibly the most tumultuous year in modern history. It challenged the fortitude of humanity; stretched the fabric of society; and stress-tested governments and institutions worldwide. Through seemingly endless, exhausting news cycles, the world was force-fed a daily diet of crises: a global pandemic, world economic stress, political upheaval across the globe, racial injustice and inequality, public health disparities, wildfires and other global disasters, unemployment, homelessness, food insecurity, devastating hurricanes and flooding, United States Presidential Election and the discovery of a COVID-19 vaccine.

This book’s perspective about subjects predisposed by the events of 2020 showcase myriad of suggestions relating to life, hope, the future and other subjects. Although these subjects have been contemplated by cultures throughout history, the events of 2020 magnified them through pervasive technology and greater awareness about the subjects and their influence on how humanity thinks and lives.

The book uses philosophy, inspiration and poetry to narrate nonfictional themes that inspire thought about personal beliefs and create the opportunity to consider ideas that go beyond conventional and superficial points of view.

As you gaze into the window of emotions surrounding these thoughts, you may see reflections of your own emotions. It may prompt an examination of your own beliefs and inspire how you can best navigate an uncertain future.

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Leadership is paramount to the success of any enterprise. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, there is one thing that is increasingly needed: effective leadership. However, has the ever-increasing speed of change and innovation in a 21st-century global modern era outpaced our ability to develop effective new leaders? Is there still time to convert old leadership models into new, more effective ones that address the challenges of this era? Are the current, prevalent leadership models sufficient to lead a global multi-cultural, multi-talented, multi-generational society? What are the key leadership attributes needed to lead effectively? Is there a 21st-century smart leadership model that we can use to develop truly effective leaders? The answers to these questions await within the pages of this book.

Many leaders operate with a certain level of confidence and sophistication and with titles like President, CEO, COO, EVP, SVP, VP, Director, Manager, etc. These titles imply leadership. Given the enterprises leaders represent, the enlightenment and insights provided by those enterprises, and the measure of their influence, some may perceive these attributes as leadership. Not so. There is no substitute for leadership. Leadership is not about titles, persona, or the prestige of a person’s enterprise. It’s about leading people to successful outcomes that are mutually beneficial to the enterprise and the people who create the outcomes.

This book is a leadership tool, benchmark, and executive brief wrapped into one. It’s a calibration device for adjusting, adding to, and improving your leadership attributes. The book is designed to help leaders set standards by which they can compare and measure those approaches to obtain optimal outcomes. And, it’s a short script that busy leaders can refer to, share with their teams, and promote effective, smart leadership as they continue their leadership journeys.